Sometimes a nap is just a nap.

But sometimes
A nap is so restorative,
So rejuvenating
That I awake
A whole new person.

a nap is a chance
to hang out with God
to let God hold me for a while

I can feel the spaces
in my spinal column,
open and grow
And I wake up taller

I can feel the knots of resistance
And I wake up freer

Sometimes I just feel held in love
So sweet it makes me cry

I don’t want to wake,
I don’t want to leave my nap
I want to stay here with you God!

But the world is very persistent.
Reluctantly I waken
And I return to my day

Don’t worry, God says,
I’ll come too.opendoor

About Tamara

The church jargon is: approved for ordination, pending call. After eight years of seminary, and three years of CPE, internships, externships, and youth ministry gigs, I sit, perched on the brink of ordained ministry, ready to dive into full-time, full hearted ministry. But so far, no calling. I am a mom, a minister, a wife and a friend living in a small town outside Seattle. My husband Jeff and I raised our daughters Miranda and Nicole in community--designing, building, and making our home with our good friends John and Laurie and their daughters Naomi and Esther. Our own daughters Miranda and Nicole are recently launched to college, but happily live only a hop skip and a jump away. Our combined household also includes a Labradoodle, a Newfoundland, a 75-pound mutt and a 2-year-old puppy. I enjoy cooking (and eating), reading, writing, jogging, biking and yoga. I give my guitar and my garden less time and attention than I ought to, but love them both, nonetheless.
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