Friday Favorites: My Marriage


For my new adventures in blogging, I have decided that Fridays are Friday Favorites.  So whenever caught blogging on a Friday, my prompt will be to write about one of my favorite things (cue strings from the Sound of Music).

My marriage is one of my favorite things, although it is easy to go for long stretches of time without thinking about it too much.  I do thank God almost every day for Jeff and for the life we have built together, but often, I leave it at that.

This summer, I have spent a little more time than usual reflecting on my marriage.  You see, we celebrated our 22nd wedding anniversary, and while for most people 22 is not a landmark year—for us it is.  We have now been married half our lives—definitely the better half, too.

In the 22 years since I asked him to marry me (yup!), we have figured out what it means to make a life together.  We have lived in four dwellings, raised two lovely and loving daughters, traveled in ten countries.  We have made new friends and adopted in a whole village of family.  We have never missed an opportunity to celebrate: birthdays and weddings, B’nai Mitzvah and adoptions, new babies and legal marriages for ALL.  We have the biggest Christmas trees that will fit, we have the craziest Passover Seder Dinners, and almost every Friday night we pause, light the candles and sing the prayer songs of Shabbat.  We believe in eating and drinking and making merry—because that’s what gets a person through the hard times, because that’s what makes the most lasting memories, because it seems like the very best way to say thank you to God for all the grace, and all the healing, and all the blessings poured out on us without reason or rhyme.

We’ve made a lot of mistakes along the way, but we have always found our way back to forgiveness, back to each other, back to love.  And that is just one reason my marriage is one of my favorite things.

About Tamara

The church jargon is: approved for ordination, pending call. After eight years of seminary, and three years of CPE, internships, externships, and youth ministry gigs, I sit, perched on the brink of ordained ministry, ready to dive into full-time, full hearted ministry. But so far, no calling. I am a mom, a minister, a wife and a friend living in a small town outside Seattle. My husband Jeff and I raised our daughters Miranda and Nicole in community--designing, building, and making our home with our good friends John and Laurie and their daughters Naomi and Esther. Our own daughters Miranda and Nicole are recently launched to college, but happily live only a hop skip and a jump away. Our combined household also includes a Labradoodle, a Newfoundland, a 75-pound mutt and a 2-year-old puppy. I enjoy cooking (and eating), reading, writing, jogging, biking and yoga. I give my guitar and my garden less time and attention than I ought to, but love them both, nonetheless.
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